Makeup for Boudoir Photography in Calgary

The Beautiful and Amazing Miss C

We want to thank the beautiful and sexy Miss C for allowing us to share her amazing transformation. Makeup isn't about covering anything up or changing someone's appearance. It is about enhacing their true beauty and helping to accent their most positive features.

This sounds like a cliche, but it is honestly how we function at Our primary goal is to show our clients just how beautiful they are.

We do our best to not cover up things that our clients feel are their flaws. We don't photoshop out imperfections. This is part of the experience and why most of our clients feel euphoric, beautiful, confident and stand tall after leaving their photo shoots.

It is hard to explain just how powerful it is to feel sexy, beautiful, wanted but more importantly to feel CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF. This is what is all about.

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We feel like a woman's eyes tell a story, they let you into their personality just a little. So when our irreplaceable makeup artist accentuates Miss C's eyes with gorgeous and complimenting eye shadows they just pop with drama and allure! Not to mention the custom selected strip lashes that go best with Miss C's look that also add drama to the over all look.

Miss C's contouring helps define her natural facial structure making those cheekbones stand out and defines the jaw line just a little more.

The gorgeous lip colour shows off the fullness of Miss C's lips and adds a bit of drama to the lip!