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We love our clients, and love them even more when they go out of their way to write about their experience with us. See what some of our clients have had to say about their experience with Boudoir Calgary!

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Carly McIlwrick
Carly McIlwrick
It was such a neat experience! Yana made me feel so comfortable and sexy. Right when you walk in the door, the atmosphere of her place is so welcoming and of course the bottle of bubbly she has ready is a great idea because it helps with the nerves! 😅 My photos turned out great. I loved them. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do boudoir photos. She makes the whole thing so worth it!
Alicia Chiesa
Alicia Chiesa
My experience shooting with Yana of Calgary Boudoir was amazing from start to beginning! Yana made me feel welcomed right from the start with a personalized welcome sign and champagne waiting for me while I got my hair and makeup done by her incredible artist. Yana has an absolutely beautiful home to shoot in with so many different places to shoot. She posed me according to my body and shoots from the perfect angles to make you look and feel great. I was in love with the photos Yana shot of me, especially since I was in a different body from the one I am used to. She really helped to boost my confidence back up. I would HIGHLY recommend shooting with Yana and I would love to again. Such a great, fun and professional experience!
Tiana Merpaw
Tiana Merpaw
was A great experience would totally recommend seeing yana thanks again pictures look great! I feel more confident. 😊 Also studio is beautiful
Sonja Vonk
Sonja Vonk
I was really nervous to have my photos done. But as soon as I stepped into Yana’s (gorgeous) home, she instantly made me feel comfortable. I had my hair and makeup done by an amazing artist, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous I looked. As soon as I was in front of the camera my nerves came back a little, but Yana was so wonderful she made feel feel so comfortable. She helped me get the perfect poses, the lighting was amazing and we ended up laughing through most of the shoot. The pictures turned out AMAZING. I honestly felt like a superstar, I couldn’t believe the pictures!!! I highly recommend Calgary Boudoir Photography and I will absolutely be back to have more pictures done in the future. Thanks Yana!!!
Riana Haddad
Riana Haddad
Yana is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her studio is amazing, with great lighting, her studio has an amazing design, it's comfortable and cozy. The main floor is light and airy, the lower level is dark, with the huge crystal chandeliers, antique piano, and just it has this overall dark, moody and sultry feel. The studio smells like a spa! I really appreciated her relaxed approach, I never felt pressured, communication was on point, quick turn around and most importantly for me I got AMAZING pictures AND didn't break the bank. Packages INCLUDE YOUR IMAGES unlike most boudoir photographers that charge you crazy amount of money to get your images! Yana really coached me through the shoot and seeing some of the photos during the shoot definitely helped my nerves haha. My husband was in love with the photos and keeps the little album I made on his bedside table! Truly a confidence-boosting experience you won't soon forget!

Ms. B

<div>Thank you both so much I truly appreciate everything you guys did and the time you took with my pictures and my hair and makeup. I haven't felt that beautiful in a really long time and I am so beyond happy I did this for myself and for him. I really needed it. More than I thought I did. So again thank you to both of you so so so so so much. I cannot say enough amazing and beautiful things about the experience and both of you. Thank you so much for what you did for me and the all the beautiful women in the world you take the time to make feel as beautiful and sexy as I did yesterday. Thank you so much.</div>

Miss G

<em>"I thought about doing a boudoir shoot for almost a year before I actually bit the bullet and went for it. Even then, I almost backed out before I committed to it. Yana helped get me there and I never looked back. She was a constant help from the start of the process until the last shot, and without her coaching and incredible support this shoot would not have been anywhere as amazing as it turned out to be. If you're worried about havin<span class="text_exposed_show">g a camera pointed at you in next to no clothing, don't be-- Yana makes it a no-big-deal experience. If you're worried about posing-- Yana is very good at talking you through it and helping to position you in the most flattering way. She's got a creative eye and it translates to gorgeous photos. With Yana's talent, an amazing studio, and a stunning end product, you cannot go wrong with Lacie Lou Photography! Thank you Yana-- my album was very well received "</span></em>

Mrs. L

Hi Yana. I just wanted to thank you so much for your sweet care of  my wife. She loved every minute of her time with you. She told me how hard you worked and how much fun you both had. I am glad you were able to help her relax and enjoy herself. I can't wait to see the wonderful work you did and have these beautiful memories of the love of my life! Thank you so very much again!

Miss D

I had the BEST time. It really was a special treat for myself as well, getting the full package, with Hurmat Maqsood doing my hair and makeup. Hurmat, is great. I let her do what she wanted with my hair and face, and the results were stunning. She has MAJOR skill. I'm even going to see her on her own for other services she offers :) Yana helped me pick out my outfits, and accessories, since I brought tons. She was very into making me look my best. From the get-go, it was very classy, and FUN... I was so nervous, I was very relieved! She placed me where she wanted, and instructed me on how to create the perfect poses. When I got the proofs from Yana, I was shocked. I couldn't believe what an amazing job she did. Not that I didn't think she was the best, but I have never seen myself like that before. She listened to absolutely everything I said when we talked about how I would like the book to look. And her suggestions worked well with my style. She knows what she's doing. When I went to pick up the book, she was very, very accommodating. I live out of Calgary, and happened to forget our pickup time, and day even. I was able to come in later on, and I got the best little present bag ever. I LOVE her packaging, so pretty. The final package I received was breath taking. I'm still holding onto it, which is really hard because I really REALLY want to show it off to him. Long story short... I will come back to you Yana... one day :) Thank you so much to the both of you.

Miss P

I was so nervous about doing my photo shoot and feeling very awkward, but as soon as I met Yana I felt so much better! She was so friendly and helpful, and truly made me feel beautiful. She walked me through each photo and gave me great tips and pointers. I would highly recommend Lacie Lou Photography to everyone. It was so much fun, maybe I'll do it again!

Miss C

BEST.EXPERIENCE.EVER. I was so nervous for weeks leading up to my session, but I was so comfortable in her studio that it seemed completely normal to be lounging around half nude. Yana gave excellent pointers on how to smile and pose and I couldn't be happier with my photos. Neither can my boyfriend!

Miss T

I was so nervous about the whole boudoir photography photo shoot at first.. I had never done one and had NO CLUE what to expect. Yana did an amazing amazing job she made me feel so comfortable and confident for the shoot before the camera even came out. Like I said I had never done a photo shoot of this type before and she did a fantastic job assisting me through all of it, she showed me some poses that I could rock and she even showed me a few pictures after each frame so I could get a feel for how things were going. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the whole experience I would really recommend Yana at Lacie Lou photography even if you're just thinking about a boudoir photo shoot she truly is amazing and I promise you will love all the photos that turn out she does a phenomenal job! I just recently did this photo shoot and I am already anxiously planning another one!!

Miss A

Before I got married I wanted to surprise my husband and wanted to do a boudoir shoot. At first I felt a bit apprehensive and a bit shy. I can’t explain how comfortable Yana made me feel. I felt so empowered and I really felt sexy during the shoot. I would highly recommend Yana to anyone and everyone (I already have).

Miss D

I have never participated in a boudoir session before – my experience with Yana was the first one. I must admit I was nervous, and weary as to how the session will be. Yana makes you feel comfortable, because first and foremost she speaks to you at an eye level – makes you feel engaged in the experience and allows you to be yourself. She went over how the photo shoot will go, what to expect and she really had the patience to guide me through the process. We changed into a few outfits, and each of them was unique in its own way. Yana knew what she was doing at every step – most of all she let me easy into the poses, and the nervousness I felt quickly lifted. The shots she created were amazingly beautiful with the right touch of elegance and sexiness! I would recommend any woman who wants to experience something different to try a photo boudoir with Yana – she’s easygoing, kind in her approach, funny and will make you feel 100% comfortable in the skin you’re in. Thanks Yana!

Miss L

What an amazing experience! For someone who had no self confidence 3 years ago and has worked my butt off to learn to see my beauty, inside and out, a Boudoir photo shoot was about proving to myself that I can be confident and beautiful and sexy! During the shoot I felt like I was HAWT! Thanks to the encouragement of a wonderful photographer. But the best moment was plugging the disk into my computer and seeing the beauty and the sexiness that came through in the photos. I have never seen myself from so many different angles, and was purely amazed at the quality of the photography. I recommend every woman do something like this, whether it be for yourself or someone special! Thank you!!!

Miss M

I’ve always wanted to get boudoir photos done, however I always talked myself out of it. My advice to anyone now, is just do it! Don’t hesitate, don’t talk yourself out of it or let people question why you would do it. Trust me, it was a fantastic experience, one that I will always remember! Yana was exceptional in getting to know me, and what I wanted out of my shoot. She made me feel tremendously comfortable. Having no professional photographs of myself prior, Yana was a jem in guiding me through ideas & positions. I could not be happier with the way these photos turned out.”

Miss A

This was an amazing experience. Although I went in nervous and overwhelmed, I felt beautiful and safe. Yana was very kind, and understanding, and never made me feel insecure. The photos look fantastic; I was blown away by them. I did this for a wedding gift for my husband. He loved the photos and the album was beautiful. I love that the touch ups and editing of the photos didn’t make them look fake, or over edited, it was so slight that the pictures still showed individual uniqueness; which I love because we’re all unique in beauty. I would recommend to everyone to do this type of photo shoot at least once in their life. Yana was fabulous!”

Miss B

The thought of getting your picture taken in your panties is scary. However, my experience with Lacie Lou was fantastic. Yana made me feel comfortable right from the start. She helped pick the right outfits matching them to the best backgrounds. She was careful with her work; she took the time to fix my hair, or let me know if a bra strap was twisted. Walking out of her studio you feel like a million bucks. I debated for months whether or not to get these shots taken. Yana took the hesitation away quickly and the look on my fiancé's face when he opened the book was completely worth it. I've already recommended Lacie Lou to several friends. Thank you Yana!

Miss J

I am getting married this year and wanted to do something special for my husband-to-be. I was very uneasy leading up to this whole experience as I am very self conscious to begin with, however from the make up to the help with outfit selection to the shoot itself I was made to feel confident and beautiful. My photos are absolutely stunning, Yana did an outstanding job!! I recommend her to anyone I know looking into boudoir.”

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