Do I need to be nude to get boudoir photos done?

TLDR: No. It is up to you. Be sexy in a sweater, powerful in your birthday suit, or your favorite loungewear. Literally, whatever you feel comfortable in. 

One of the biggest misconceptions with Boudoir Photography, especially in Calgary, that we try and overcome is that Boudoir Photography and Boudoir photoshoots mean “nude” or “pornographic” photos.

This misconception has been around for a long time, but in the photography world, there is actually quite a stylized difference between fine art nude photography and modern boudoir photography in Calgary.

Fine art nude photography is the sort of photography that showcases the taboo and beauty of the naked human form. It often tries to reflect on curvatures and is bold in its method for uncovering the human form. The key in my interpretation is the BOLDness of photography.

Fine art photography can still be very soft, and very airy, but the statement that it makes is bold in the way that it strips the coverings and prude-ness of society to expose the simplicity and beauty of the human body. Fine art nude photography is not usually the sort of photography that is for every woman, where we feel Boudoir, is. Fine art nude photography is for men, women, and anyone over the age of 18.

It is VERY different than pornographic photos. It is not meant to arouse necessarily, but it is meant to excite the sociological aspect of prudery. It is meant to appreciate and push boundaries, it is not for the sole purpose of sexual arousal but rather mental and artistic arousal.

It is meant to infatuate and seduce

Boudoir is SO MUCH different than this. Boudoir photography is 90% driven to the female form. It is EXTREMELY soft, and not usually edgy. Like fine art photography, it is not meant to arouse necessarily. It is meant to infatuate and seduce. To me, this is key with Boudoir photography.

Boudoir should NOT be fully nude. Boudoir is meant to hold back and seduce, tease, excite, and celebrate the individual. This is SO important in understanding the comfort.

Too many times, we hear women that say “I could NEVER do Boudoir. I could never be nude in front of the camera”. Most people are surprised that over 80% of our clients don’t show anything that a swimsuit wouldn’t.

We have had women of faith that were wearing a sweater and had amazingly sexy photos in that sweater that we have showcased in our portfolio. Most people don’t even realize that the person in that photo is someone that would never show too much skin in public, ever. The photo is still sexy, despite barely showing ANY skin.

Boudoir is truly about empowering the individual. Come have a free consult. Find out why you don’t need to be afraid of your own body. You don’t need to be afraid of the camera, and you don’t need to be afraid of your own fears!

Wear what makes you feel comfortable, and what showcases YOU. Not what you think someone wants you to wear, or wants you to be. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed. and our all-female team will help show you what has been there all along. You are strong, powerful, beautiful, and can infatuate any soul with a single photo!

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