South Calgary Studio

Our studio is not just a home that we do Boudoir photo shoots out of. This is our third studio and our first that was a custom home, built SPECIFICALLY for Boudoir Photography. 

We worked with a builder and custom home designer to make a plethora of different scenes that have very distinct moods. 

From a bright and airy main floor, to a dark and sexy basement, our entire studio can deliver the look you are after.


In our Boudoir Studio, we wanted to flip the script on the standard Boudoir Home Studio. Too many photographers dedicate a basement or a spare bedroom to their photos. Every scene is the same, and the photos clearly show a limited background. 

We wanted to change things up and do something more unique! We don't just have a backdrop behind a bed with some HomeSense decor pieces around it and some throw pillows. 

Our spaces are fully completed rooms. The hallways, the background, the decor... EVERYTHING was styled to be used for Boudoir Photography. Even our entry way has been used for sexy photos you would never know were a foyer. 

Pick Your Mood

At Boudoir Calgay we always offer free consultations.

We want you to feel comfortable in the space. You will see that this is not a studio where kids will be running around upstairs while you get a shoot in a basement with a fake backdrop. 

We can show you the space, which allows you to visualize the experience before your shoot. As you will see, the photos that are taken and what the space looks like in broad day light are VERY different.

This way you have no unknowns, no failed expectations, and more importantly you get a sense of the space and the type of photos that YOU WANT to prepare for your shoot.

The Rooms... 

Below you will see some samples of each of our most common boudoir photography spaces in our studio. 

You will see not only the room, but also how you can expect some photos to look in that room based on our amazing clients that have allowed us to share their photos! 

None of our photos are professional models. Every one of these photos are of a real client, and none of them are paid models. 

The Rooms - South Calgary Studio


One of our most popular options and used in almost every shoot we do is our beautiful chefs kitchen. 

If your hobbies are cooking or baking, or if you love to take care of your family and significant other then this setting is perfect for you! 

Food is so closely tied to seduction. Bubbly, chocolate covered fruit, aphrodisiacs, and morning after breakfasts in bed. The kitchen is tied to sensuality and lust so it only makes sense that so many of our clients want to use it in their shoots. 

A sexy outfit of your significant others dress shirt, or your favorite lingerie, or simply nothing at all. Whatever sets the mood for you. 

This space is FULL of natural light, and we use it to our advantage. While we have the ability to make this room moody and dark, we find it plays out MUCH better with a light and clean ambiance. 

Calgary Boudoir Studio Living Area